• Would anyone like help building their NAIWE website? I”ll be glad to work with anyone who needs some guidance.  I’m the NAIWE Virtual Assistant and I am here to assist. :-)  We’re not sure if members don’t have […]

    • I could use a hand. I was able to set up my linked in an that site easily but I am at a loss here. thanks


      • For Lolly and anyone else interested in getting their site put together let’s start with Themes and Colors.
        1. Go to your ”Dashboard” page. (click under your name at the top of your page and you should see the link for the dashboard) Once the dashboard comes up we’re ready to move on.

        2. On the left look for ”Appearance” click, then go to ”Theme Options.” This is where you decide how you want your page to look. You chose colors and how the page is set up with menus on your left, right or one column with no sidebar. This is the basic set up. We’ll add widgets and other things later.

        a. Go to Color Schemes to chose your colors or upload pictures for your page.
        Do you want a light background or the dark? Mine is dark.
        b. Pick a link color for your links. Anything on your page that links to another page will be in this color. You can see on my page these are yellow.
        c. Default Layout, right column, left column, one column no side-bar (pick your choice, try each one and see what happens)
        SAVE those changes and see what your page looks like. You will need to look back and forth to see what changes you are making and if you like them or want to change them again. Work on that and see what you come up with. Remember to “save changes.” You can also preview your page from you dashboard if you don’t want to keep it open in another tab while working on it.
        Under Theme Options you will also see Header and Background. The header can be a plain color or you can upload a picture or logo there. The background is the area around your main information. This too can be a plain color or an uploaded picture.

        These things won’t take long so I hope everyone will take a few minutes and work on enhancing their page. More to come…..

    • Yes, I would greatly appreciate the help! Sent you a private message.