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Philip Ransom: Writer ★ Communicator


I assist ambitious, focused business owners and non-profit leaders by writing for them in their voice. Communication excels while they focus on other key functions needing their attention.
That nagging cloud overhead, “you really should tend to that writing” goes away.

We visit together to establish project objectives and I write to that end, drawing readers to act; donors to respond, volunteers to step up, and customers to buy. Well-told stories often serve very well here. When the project is complete, we celebrate success and evaluate while everything’s fresh, noting things to improve so we’re even stronger on the next one.

Spreading the word and growing your organization/company includes strategic communication in print, online, in person, and on the air so you reach your maximum audience.
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“The two most engaging powers of a writer are, to make new things familiar, and familiar things new.”
– Samuel Johnson

As an engaging speaker, teacher, and trainer, I love seeing the light go on in a listener’s understanding, knowing I just motivated someone to action!
Mine is a soft-spoken, winsome style as I help organizations maximize their effectiveness. There’s nothing like a purposeful, healthy organization benefiting those it serves.

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