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In today's world, where literally thousands of writers are competing for readers, a great imagination in not enough. A book free from grammatical errors and plot inconsistencies is crucial to success.

I have a strong work ethic that demands a finished product as near to perfection as is humanly possible. I am so sure you will be pleased with my service that I will edit the first book free (up to a maximum of 40, 000 words).

Here are a few comments from authors for whom I have worked:

Renee Rose, Erotic Romance Author: " Rose Marie catches mistakes missed by the closest eye. She offers great suggestions and alternatives and pays attention to plot details. I completely trust her for a thorough read-through and complete copy edits!"

Dara Young/Sorcha Mowbray, Author: "Rose Marie is a pleasure to work with. She provided efficient and thorough edits including pointing out content issues such as plot holes, dropped threads, and inconsistent concepts. I would gladly work with her in the future and plan to use her editing services again in the future."

Roxanne Kean, Author: " Rose Marie edited my recent entry into the Molly Contest [An international competition]. Because of her help my entry, Oubliette, won two awards–the 2013 First Place Winner for Historical Romance and the 2013 Heart of the Molly award [The overall award]. She gives professional advice that is honest and insightful, yet encouraging. She will be my go-to gal for all my future editing needs! I highly recommend her."

Deena Ward, Author: "Wow! I can't thank you enough for what you've done. I had no idea there were so many errors in the collection. My final proofreader, is blown away also, and after looking at your list, spent a long time saying things like, 'I can't believe I missed that!' and 'I'm so embarrassed!' We're both thrilled with what you've so kindly done."

Delilah Marvelle, Author: "You are amazing!!! Thank you SO much. I feel like I hit the jackpot with you, I can't thank you enough and am genuinely touched that you went through all this effort just for me."
(This was a post publication review. The author told me all her books go through nine editors prior to publication. I still found 36 errors that were missed.)

Liv Bennett, Author: "Wow, I'm impressed. You caught a lot of errors. You're very thorough with your work. Thank you so much for editing/proofreading my book. I really appreciate your help. I'd like you to edit the rest of the Pleasure Extraordinaire series." [This was another post-publication review. This writer always has three editors for every book. I am now her only editor.)

Maren Smith, Author: "I just made the last of the corrections. Oh my word. You are awesome and I feel completely embarrassed about some of the things you caught. I swear, I did edit it before I sent it to you. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much! I personally requested you read [edit]my book. It was one of my conditions to publishing through [this publisher]. You catch things that other editors missed."

My rate is $.003 per word. If you wish additional reviews of revisions to the same book, it is an additional $.002 per word. So far, my experience has been in romance and erotic novels, but I am available for all types of books except technical documents.

I am a member of the National Association of Independent Writers and Editors and of the American Copy Editors Society. All work is guaranteed.

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