Why Should You Join a Professional Association?

There are many reasons to join a professional organization…

  • Membership in a professional organization is an investment in your professional credibility.
  • Membership is a way to connect with fellow writers and editors who are traveling a similar path.
  • If you don’t already have a website and blog, NAIWE membership provides an immediate online presence, as well as assistance as you learn how to work with your new site.

As a professional association, NAIWE works hard to help you succeed. You receive tools (including a high-quality member website) and training to help you grow. We offer support as you meet professional challenges, and opportunities to develop your marketing skills so that you can create the kind of creative career you really want.

But really, what’s the main reason to join?

Membership can help you succeed.

  • You can connect with readers, clients, agents, and publishers through your member website and blog.
  • You’ll learn how other writers and editors have created multiple streams of writing income, and how you can too.
  • You can join even if you’re just getting started so that you can build your career strategically.
“Whatever your specific field, if there’s a National Association . . . , join it.”

From Zen and the Art of Making a Living by Laurence G. Boldt (2010)


No matter what kind of writing you do or what type of editor you are, you need to belong a strong professional organization. The primary focus of NAIWE is to provide a simple-to-use website and blog, assistance in using it, and marketing support through our social media channels. We seek to provide warm, personal support as you develop your career.

For your readers and clients, your membership in a professional association demonstrates credibility, commitment, and professionalism.

As a member of NAIWE, you can learn from our growing Board of Experts, including:

Mary DeMuth, NAIWE Expert

Book Mentor for Faith-Based Writers Mary DeMuth

Shel Horowitz

Ethical Grassroots Marketing Expert Shel Horowitz

Claudia Suzanne

Ghostwriting Expert Claudia Suzanne

Peter Bowerman

Well-Fed Freelance Expert Peter Bowerman

…and many others.

Philip Ransom Member Site

You get a Member Website

One of your biggest member benefits is an SEO-friendly member website and blog that can be your primary home on the web, and a quality incoming link to any other site you own. Writers and entrepreneurs need a way to connect with readers and clients, and your NAIWE site is an ideal place. The search engines love NAIWE member sites, because they are linked into the larger Association site, which helps drive up search-engine rankings for all of us. We even show you how to edit your site yourself (it’s as easy as writing an e-mail)!

Networking and ReferralsNetworking can be fun with NAIWE members!

You have the opportunity to network and swap referrals with other members. Imagine being part of a professional network where you can find other writers and freelancers to learn from, create joint ventures with, and simply celebrate achievements such as a new book, an award, a great contract, and more of the good things that come with success.

“I appreciate the opportunities NAIWE provides for networking with other freelancers; ours is a pretty solitary enterprise, after all, and it’s good to know that there’s a free database of pros in almost every aspect of writing and editing available to me through the site, people I can call on when I find myself in need of expertise that’s different from my own.”

There are no barriers for a 21st-century writer or editor.

We know you can work with anyone, anywhere, any time.

We know it’s possible to build a writing career with multiple streams of income.

We’d like to help you make it happen.

If you…

    • Are serious about building a writing or editing career
    • Want an easy-to-find home on the internet to connect with readers, clients, agents, and publishers
    • Understand the value of developing an author platform
    • Appreciate the credibility that comes from membership in a professional association
    • Value networking and referrals
    • Are focused on actively developing your craft
    • Would like to eliminate the “feast or famine” income cycle

You are an ideal member, and we invite you to join NAIWE today.

You don’t have to be traditionally published before you join. You don’t even have to specialize in just one area–we realize that writers and editors can find many ways to earn a freelance living. Most of us don’t have the luxury of writing only fiction, or editing only academic monographs. In fact, we encourage NAIWE members to create multiple streams of writing income because it’s your best guarantee of financial stability.

Many NAIWE members write articles, evaluate manuscripts, offer writer workshops, or teach classes in grammar or copyediting while writing novels, poetry, or short stories. They’d rather earn a living using their writing knowledge and skills than waiting tables or spending time in an office. If you’d like to do that, we help you see the possibilities and learn how to create your own streams of income.

“NAIWE has inspired me to market myself as a freelance writer/editor much more aggressively than I have in the past. I think membership in a reliable, respected professional organization is important to members of any profession; and it is probably more crucial to those of us who work independently.”

Living the Freelance Life

Why Choose NAIWE?

There are many writer’s groups. The National Association of Independent Writers and Editors isn’t the largest or oldest…yet. However, membership gives you specific advantages. When you join NAIWE:

You have an immediate Internet presence, even if you’re not a technical wizard.

You’ll learn from our unique focus on building an online presence with multiple streams of writing income.

You will benefit from instruction from members of the NAIWE Board of Experts– all successful writers and editors.

You are welcome here, even if you are a writer or editor who doesn’t fit neatly into a genre or specialty.

Your business will benefit from our commitment to research, ongoing professional development, and marketing.

You have a partner who is committed to helping you build your career.

And finally, NAIWE is the association that truly believes in the power of working independently, setting your own hours, working with people you enjoy, being there for family, and having time for friends, travel, and great books.

Join us today, and let’s work together to meet your goals!

*Comments shared are excerpted from an e-mail by member Mary Mowen. You may read the entire note on the NewsWire blog.

Read more about NAIWE benefits, and join us today!