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NAIWE Signs Business Ethics Pledge


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The National Association of Independent Writers and Editors (NAIWE) Joins World-Wide Movement for Ethics in Business. International Campaign Seeks 25,000 Business Leaders to Prevent Future Enrons.

Ashland, VA: The National Association of Independent Writers and Editors (NAIWE) has joined forces with other organizations around the world, to help create a climate that will eventually make future Enron-type business scandals impossible.

The National Association of Independent Writers and Editors (NAIWE) makes the following promise to its customers, its shareholders, its employees, its suppliers, its neighbors, and the public:

"I pledge allegiance, in my heart and soul, to the concepts of honesty, integrity, and quality in business. I recognize that the cornerstone of success is treating all stakeholders fairly, with compassion, and with a commitment to service.

Working from abundance, I recognize that even my competitors can become important allies. I will not tolerate crooked practices in my business, from co-workers, direct or indirect reports, supervisors, managers, suppliers, or anyone else—and if I encounter such practices, I will refuse to go along with them and report them to appropriate authorities within and outside the company.

I pledge to support the "triple bottom line" of environmental, social, and financial responsibility. And I pledge to participate in a serious effort to focus the business community on these principles, by sharing this message with at least 100 other business leaders."

"Signing the Pledge shows moral leadership and a commitment to valuing people as human beings, and not just dollars on a spreadsheet," said Pledge founder Shel Horowitz, award-winning author of Principled Profit: Marketing that Puts People First. "It tells the public that you know the difference between right and wrong, that you factor the public good into your business planning, and that you understand that supporting the values of honesty, integrity, and quality will actually grow your business."

"As a professional assocation with a business-building focus, we want to emphasize that the only sustainable way to run a profitable business is to value integrity above all," commented Janice Campbell, Director of the Association. "We believe that the Business Ethics Pledge complements the NAIWE Code of Ethics, and highly recommend that each of our members sign it individually for his or her own freelance business."

To join the Pledge campaign, please visit

Journalists: To interview Pledge founder Shel Horowitz, call 413-586-2388 or write

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About the Organization: The National Association of Independent Writers and Editors ( is a business-building professional association that provides many benefits for literary and commercial freelancers, including individual member websites linked to a searchable database, access to legal information, a free e-zine, and more. NAIWE also sponsors the annual Words Matter Week during the first full week in March.


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