50 Interviews: Finding Speaking Success: Mentoring Tips From The Masters. Volume 1
Author: Brian Schwartz Category: Self-Publishing Expert Publisher: 50 Interviews Inc Published: ISBN: 978-0982290750 Buy Now

Is it possible to do what you love and feel passionate about, and still make a good living? Why not find out from some of the top speakers in America. This book includes interviews with 26 professional speakers, including four former National Speakers Association presidents: Patricia Fripp, Mark Sanborn, Gina Schreck and Joe Sabah. Find out what caused them to originally launch speaking careers, what they learned about sustaining their careers in tough economic times, and what motivates them to keep getting up there in front of people year after year. If you think you might like to consider a career in public speaking, first learn from the best! Wouldn’t you like to know how often top speakers present and what their typical fee is? How do they keep their business growing? Do they use a publicist? What creative ways have they found to utilize the internet and social media to more effectively sell themselves and their products? Where do they find their best content and inspiration as top speakers? Whether you want to earn a six figure income as a speaking professional, or simply learn what the masters already know, Finding Speaking Success will reveal many of the answers you seek. Some of their answers may surprise you. Why do some speakers recommend lessons in acting, comedy, and improv? What are they doing now, that they wish they had started sooner? Want to hear about their most humbling or embarrassing moments while speaking? How is the profession changing with the proliferation of webinars and video conferencing? Time to turn to the masters for all of the answers!

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