Creatively Self-Employed: How Writers and Artists Deal with Career Ups and Downs
Author: Kristen Fischer Category: Journalism Expert Publisher: iUniverse Published: ISBN: 978-0595421541 Buy Now

What’s It Like to Live Off Your Talents? If you think that working from home in your pajamas-writing a book, painting a masterpiece or designing a work of art-sounds like a fun, carefree life you’re right! In this book, creative types discuss what life is really like when you take the plunge into creative self-employment. From waiting for clients to pay up and battling the “lonelies” to gaining self-assurance and growing your business, you’ll get a candid look at authentic living-straight from those who are out there making it happen. This book will show you how to: ·Build confidence and self-esteem in your work ·Cope with rejection ·Handle creative voids and time issues ·Combat loneliness and isolation ·Deal with anxiety, depression, and stress ·Create your own support system ·Maintain a strong business Whether you are already your own boss or you’re just thinking about it, these stories will give you the strength to succeed in your own creative business.” A must-have for any self-employed creative I devoured each chapter nodding my head again and again in agreement to the quirks, hurdles, and joys of self-employment.” CLAUDINE HELLMUTH, author of Collage Discovery Workshop and Collage Discovery Workshop: Beyond the Unexpected “A truly useful and informative look at the life of the creatively self-employed. The broad scope of the profiles and advice make this book an excellent resource and source of encouragement.” TERA LEIGH, author of Complete Book of Decorative Painting and How To Be Creative If You Never Thought You Could “[This book] is a gorgeous celebration of the creativity and joy of designing your own work life.” ANDREA SCHER, certified life coach

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