Reel Heroes: Two Hero Experts Critique the Movies, Vol. 1
Author: Greg Smith Category: Novel Writing Expert Publisher: Agile Writer Press Published: ISBN: 978-1941526002 Buy Now

In Reel Heroes: Volume 1, writing expert Greg Smith and noted psychologist Scott Allison describe the elements of the classic hero journey and offer reasons why heroes are psychologically important to us all. Inside this book you’ll find:

  • A new classification scheme identifying movies heroes as Lone Heroes, Duos, or Ensembles.
  • A review of 75 movies released in 2013, showing you which movies excel in portraying the hero’s journey and which movies fall flat.
  • Smith and Allison’s choices for Best Movies and Worst Movies, along with the Best Movie Heroes of 2013.
  • Their analysis of Five Great Truths about movie heroes.


Matt Langdon, the founder of The Hero Construction Company, introduces the book with a thoughtful Forward in which he discusses the link between movie heroes and the hero journey in classic myth as outlined by Joseph Campbell.

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