Reel Heroes & Villains: Two Hero Experts Critique the Movies (Volume 2)
Author: Greg Smith Category: Novel Writing Expert Publisher: Agile Writer Press Published: ISBN: 978-1941526057 Buy Now

We all love heroes. We all love to hate villains. But how well do movies create characters that we love and hate? Psychologist Scott Allison and writing expert Greg Smith present a new way of understanding heroes and villains.

Inside this book you’ll find:

  • An innovative new classification scheme of heroes and villains
  • The key to good characters in the movies: Transformation
  • The Eight Great Arcs of Transformations in heroes and villains
  • How heroes and villains transform morally, emotionally, and physically
  • How the hero’s journey differs from the villain’s journey
  • 50 reviews of movie heroes and villains in 2014


“Allison and Smith have deftly crafted THE premier text of heroes and villains in contemporary cinema. A shiny portrait that brilliantly dissects the hero-villain dichotomy through a dense mixture of passion, knowledge, and humor to offer profound insights into the hero-villain relationship.” — Jason Roy, The Hero Construction Company

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