When Talent Isn’t Enough: Business Basics for the Creatively Inclined: For Creative Professionals, Including… Artists, Writers, Designers, Bloggers, Web … to Freelance or Run Their Own Business
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Many creative professionals focus too much on their artistic abilities and too little on their business interests. In When Talent Isn’t Enough, copywriter and journalist Kristen Fischer offers powerful strategies and practical stories from some of today’s most prominent creative leaders to help you thrive. The result: an easy-to-read guide that covers all aspects of launching and managing a successful business for any creative entrepreneur or solo practitioner.

  • When Talent Isn’t Enough offers savvy and easy-to-apply business advice for writers, designers, and artists who want to:
  • Run a profitable, fulfilling business
  • Market themselves alongside seasoned pros, in-house talent and established agencies
  • Understand the legalities of doing business
  • Spearhead hassle-free accounting and bookkeeping practices
  • Overcome challenging situations with clients
  • Embrace self-promotion as a solo professional
  • Cultivate lasting client partnerships
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