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The Edge

Success Strategies for People Who Work With Words


Success Strategies
for People Who Work With Words

28 July 2009

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  • Director's Note: Ghostwriting Teleclass

  • Featured Success Strategy: "Ghostwriting: What It Is and How It Works"

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Ghostwriting Teleclass

Dear [[firstname]],

There's been a lot of excitement and quite a few registrations for tomorrow's Expert Teleclass on Ghostwriting . If you're receiving this e-zine directly from me, you're on the list. We can look forward to hearing NAIWE Expert Claudia Suzanne talk about:

* What ghostwriting is — and isn’t
* The differences between ghosting and collaborating
* The advantages of being a ghostwriter
* The advantages of using a ghostwriter
* Common traits most ghostwriters share
* Common problems many first-time ghostwriters run into
* The ghostwriting market

Ghostwriting is an interesting and challenging career-- could it be for you? Join us on the call and learn more! Here are the details:

  • Date and Time: Wednesday, July 29, 2009 at 3:30 Eastern / 12:30 Pacific
  • Call-in number: 712-432-0800
  • Access Code: 604213#

The recording will be publicly available for a short while, then will move into the NAIWE member area as an ongoing benefit for members. If you aren't a member, I hope you'll consider joining NAIWE. There are a lot of valuable teleclasses and other benefits scheuduled!

On another topic, here a link to a recent blog post you might find helpful: 5 Ways to Avoid Being Your Client’s Most Hated Supplier/Service Provider. Few things are more central to success than maintaining good customer relations. Here are a few things to think about.

 To your growing success,
Janice Campbell
Director, NAIWE

P.S. Coming up on August 19, I'll be doing a teleclass for the National Association of Women Writer on the topic "Seven Things You Must Do To Make 2010 Your Best Year Ever." You can also still listen to a replay of the Sheri McConnell Companies Radio Show interview at the Lucky Freelancer page (just scroll down). I enjoyed the chance to talk about NAIWE and the new Lucky Freelancer Fast Track Program.

Featured Success Strategy

Ghostwriting: What It Is and How It Works

by Claudia Suzanne, The NAIWE Ghostwriting Expert

I think the two most common questions I’m asked are “What is ghostwriting?” and “How does ghostwriting work?” Allow me to explain.

I am a ghostwriter. I write books for people who have wonderful ideas. From one perspective, then, ghostwriting is about making people’s literary dreams come true. I’ve made over a hundred people’s dreams of having a well-crafted book of which they can be proud come true. I’ve made close to two-thirds of those people’s dreams of landing a literary agent come true, and close to half of their dreams of getting published come true. So from another perspective, ghostwriting is a fulfilling endeavor.

I am the primary support of my household, and nobody in my family looks like they’re about to fade away from hunger, so from yet another perspective, ghostwriting is a lucrative occupation. And because I love to write, I’m pretty good at writing, and people seem to enjoy the way I write for them, ghostwriting is, from one more perspective, a satisfying career path.

Finally, because I am one of the few, if not the only ghost who teaches the specific skills, theory, and politics of ghostwriting, it is also a way to give back to the writing community.

That’s what ghostwriting is. How does it work? Ahhhh. That’s a bit more complex.

My first three rules of ghostwriting are:

  1. Make the client happy,
  2. Get paid.
  3. “It’s not my book.”

That’s how ghostwriting works. It’s almost the extreme opposite of editing, although editing skills–the ones most writers know and a few they don’t–always come into play. Where editors make the author’s words work, ghostwriters make the author’s intent work. It’s a back-and-forth process that can be fascinating, frustrating, enlightening, educational, aggravating, adventurous, but is, above all, always intimate.

What Else Do I Do As A Ghostwriter?

Teach: I teach writers, editors, and people who feel they have a flair for the writing field how to make a living ghostwriting books. My course includes the entire span of skills, theory, and politics necessary to launch a career as a ghostwriter or professional editor. You can read more about this in the Ghostwriter Certification Training section of my website.

Train and Refer: My team of personally trained ghostwriters and editors provide Analysis & Recommendations (A&Rs), Substantive Editing, Ghostwriting, Line/Copy Editing, and Submission Packages for aspiring authors, transitioning professionals, and non-writing authors. You can find more about this in the Services section of my website.

In case you haven’t figured it out, ghostwriting is a fulfilling endeavor that helps make people’s literary dreams come true, a way to earn a living through writing, and—even though it wasn’t listed above—a way to acquire a heckuva education in the process.

You have questions about ghostwriting, editing, the book business? Please ask. Helping writers and authors is what is all about. There will be a Ghostwriter Certification Training session starting in September 2009. There is limited space available, and early bird and NAIWE discounts will expire soon, so if you're interested, be sure to reserve your spot now!

Claudia Suzanne is the NAIWE Ghostwriting Expert. She has ghosted over 100 titles, including best-selling nonfiction and award-winning novels. She has also written the first authoritative textbook on ghostwriting and provides the only current means for becoming a Certified Ghostwriter. Her teaching and mentoring programs have launched dozens of careers and helped hundreds of writers. Visit to learn more.


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August Expert Teleclass: We'll be hearing from Book Packaging Experts Jim and Linda Salisbury of Tabby House. They'll discuss some of the what-to-do's and what-not-to-do's for independent publishers, and talk about the publication process. It ought to be interesting!

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