Our Mission

Books our authors will write.NAIWE is a professional association for writers, editors, and you! We exist to help members succeed, and our unique focus on creating multiple streams of income can make it happen.

We’ll cheer you on when your first novel hits the shelves or the first printing of your business book sells out. We’ll support you as you add new skills to your repertoire and learn to make a great living doing what you do best.

We believe in editors who love the rhythm and cadence of the language and are committed to polishing even the humblest prose to its highest luster.

At NAIWE, we know that a writing or editing career isn’t all about the art. It’s not all about the money either. Writing and editing are about the joy of creativity, the freedom of working independently, and the fulfillment that comes from creating an authentic, abundant life, earning a living doing what you love to do. We believe that taking the road less traveled is often the best way to go.

We believe that every writer or editor should belong to two professional organizations. The first is a large, general, career-building association such as NAIWE, and the second is a smaller craft- or genre-focused association that will help develop additional skills in the minutiae of your craft.

“Whatever your specific field, if there’s a National Association . . . , join it.”

From Zen and the Art of Making a Living by Laurence G. Boldt (2010)

The bottom line is this: If you are serious about your writing or editing career, we want you to join us, because we’re serious about helping you succeed. Countless experts list joining a professional association as one of the first things you need to do when you commit to a career, and we want NAIWE to be your career-building association. We look forward to welcoming you as a fellow member.

Our Commitment to You

  • We will regard commercial and literary freelance writers and editors with equal respect.
  • We will help you learn how others are creating multiple streams of income and how you can too.Freelance writer or editor
  • We will be open to emerging trends and technologies in order to help you meet the goal of earning a living as a wordsmith.
  • We will provide encouragement, information, and an internet presence if you’re in transition from employment to freelancing.
  • We will encourage professional growth by providing information, industry news, and special resources for writers and editors.
  • We will provide a Board of Experts to offer ongoing inspiration and training in various freelance specialties.
  • We will be responsive to the needs of members and will continue to add benefits as the association grows.
  • We will support and supplement the marketing efforts of each member by collective marketing of the Association.
  • We will encourage networking across industry lines.
  • We will advocate for the written word through the annual celebration of Words Matter Week during the first week in March.

The National Association of Independent Writers and Editors (NAIWE) was founded in 2007 as the National Association of Independent Writing Evaluators. As the association grew, we discovered that the original name simply wasn’t big enough for our members or our mission, so the name was changed with the dawn of 2009. Although our name contains the word “National,” we are international in scope and reach.

NAIWE welcomes freelance writers and editors, both commercial and literary. Members include novelists, copywriters and copyeditors, writing coaches, proofreaders, magazine writers, writing teachers, business writers and editors, academic writing evaluators, writers of literature for children, fiction editors, and other specialists. We provide an online presence that allows readers, editors, publishers, and potential clients to find you. Our goal is to help freelance writers and editors earn a living with words.

Members receive professional support and business development through an ever-increasing array of benefits. Each member receives an individually editable business website, with the distinctive URL of http://membername.naiwe.com, plus access to business-building information and resources and inclusion in a client-searchable database. And that is not all! Refer to our benefits page for a complete list of the benefits and to read more about why membership in NAIWE is the wise freelancer’s best investment in his or her business.