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    Free lancehttp://JaniceGiffin.naiwe.com
    Janice Giffin offers copyediting, proofreading and translation services in a wide range of fields: technical, scientific, humanities and tourism. Her priority: accuracy, reliability and timeliness. Her expertise includes translation ...
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    Writing the World, LLCwww.writingtheworld.com
    Inviting words and visions to become reality! Writing invites ideas, histories, connections, creations, dreams, & aspirations to become reality. Tisa M. Anders brings her 20 years of professional expertise to the service of the ...
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    Our time to Move Educational Serviceshttp://manespierre.naiwe.com
    We have been in business since 1999, under Manes Pierre Consulting Services. In 2013, we became "Our Time to Move Educational Services," providing writing workshops, conflict resolution services, and tutoring services. Our latest ...
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    Sarah A. Snyder Writing, Editing & Voice Actinghttp://www.sarahasnyder.com
    I provide clear and concise copywriting and editing services consistent with the federal Plain Writing Act. I am especially skilled in transforming technical jargon into plain language for laypersons. I write and edit in a wide variety of ...