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In the future, the book you are reading will by ‘live.’ By live, I mean dynamic. By dynamic, I mean that what you read will always be the most current version of the work. Because eBook readers of the future will be always connected, anytime the author updates the eBook, the reader will see the most current version. The reader will be reading the words nearly as quickly as the author types them! Imagine waking up to words the author wrote less than 24 hours ago.
This will collapse writing and publishing into one, and the work will be¬†published the moment the author hits the ‘save’ button.

The ideas that get you out of bed at 4AM are the ones worth pursuing.

In a sense, eBooks will mirror the SAAS (software as a service) model. Readers will buy access to the¬†work, knowing they will always be reading the most recent version of ‘the work.’ Books will be sold by the title & topic, but also sold by the author or ‘band of authors.’
This model benefits both the author and the reader, ensuring that the version being read is the most recent version. The author benefits from the fact that they don’t need to think about publishing. Publishing of their work occurs the moment they hit save.

The author is the only authority of their own work. You could argue that they may not be ‘the’ authority on the topic they are writing about, but you can’t argue that they are the authority on their own words.

Authors themselves will, in essence, become the book as they take on the persona each time they type words into their computer. Because authors will become branded, and readers will be less concerned with a particular title from that author, and more interested in reading the latest words from the author.
This is good news for bloggers. The bloggers of today will be the authors of tomorrow in the era of PubWriter. You publish what you write, and what you write is published.
This is good news for publishers. In this new model, the publisher can adopt work knowing they already have built an audience for the work.
What you write is also fluid, meaning an update can occur any moment the author determines it’s needed – and he/she can be assured that the version of the work the readers have will always be the current version.
First editions, second editions, etc… are an artifact of the past. In this new era, there is only one edition – the live edition.
How authors of the future will get paid.
You know how you become a professional speaker (defined as someone who is paid to speak)?

You speak for free until someone offers you money.

You speak for free but sell other products to give the audience something of greater value than your talk alone.
Making money with PubWriter for an author will occur the same way. Within their writing, they have the option to provide readers with the opportunity to make a purchase. The purchase (an exchange of money for value) might be achieved in many creative ways, such as:

The reader provides their email address (a valued asset for any author).
Leaving a tip or offering the reader to make a donation.
Purchase a course or book that goes into more detail on the topic.
An affiliate link where the author gets a commission on a recommended products.
A paid advertisement that interrupts the flow of the content.
Hire the writer to coach the reader on the topic.
Invite the writer to a paid speaking event.

and many more creative ways…


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