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I am a highly experienced creative marketing writer with a firm understanding of SEO and Web writing vs. print writing. I graduated with an MA from the University of Nevada at Las Vegas. Since then, I have written press releases, blogs, webpage copy, brochure copy, print ad copy, radio scripts (for advertising), sales letters, sales emails and other business and marketing items (in print and on the Internet). In addition, I have published many non-fiction and creative non-fiction articles, as well as ghostwritten e-books on gluten-free eating and customer service. I have written for several Internet clients. I have been the editor for a Las Vegas publication, Player’s Panorama and the international magazines, Millionaire Magazine, Millionaire Homes and Millionaire Auto. Also, I have written and/or edited for Nevada Magazine, Casino Journal, Tourguide Magazine and Showbiz Magazine. She has written for several Internet clients. Currently, her work is featured at

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writing tutor, writing coach, website text editing, rewriting, proofreading, project editing, non-fiction-business, non-fiction-biography / memoir, non-fiction-academic, newsletter editing, manuscript preparation, line editing, fiction-short, copyediting