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Harvey G. Homan


I’ve been writing since the 1960’s when, after graduating high school in upstate New York, I moved to Fairbanks, Alaska for college. Viet Nam was raging, my draft board was back east, and I was broke. I joined the USAF, and it was determined that I could best defend freedom with a spatula. Trained as a cook, I was sent back to Eielson, where I remained for thirty-three months (I begged for a transfer, but all I could wangle was a reassignment to Wildwood Air Force Station on the Kenai penninsula). While there I wrote a poem called Outside the Church and entered it in an Air Force wide writing contest. My poem took second place, and I became a minor celebrity around the mess hall. I got out of the Air Force in 1970, and decided to look for work in Anchorage. I got on with the State, met my wife there, and we raised three children in the 49th state. I kept writing, and managed to get a short story published in Passages, an inflight magazine. I entered another short story in an Anchorage Times/UAA writing contest that placed third. My employment with the State of Alaska encompassed three career fields: youth corrections, the Alaska State Troopers, and misdemeanor probation work with an alcohol safety action program (ASAP). I retired in 2005 and we moved to Enumclaw, WA. Since then I’ve discovered and joined PAWA (Plateau Area Writer’s Association) and have been finding plenty of time to write. Curently I’ve been writing short stories, plays, and screen plays. My experiences in Alaska have given me lots to draw upon. I’m really interested in little theatre and hope to see one of my plays performed.


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