Jake Poinier


Company Name

Boomvang Creative Group


After a decade in magazine publishing, marketing, and public relations, I pulled the corporate ripcord and started my freelance writing and editing business in 1999. What have I been doing since I started? Just about anything to do with the written word. Copywriting for print ads, video scripts, and radio spots. Creating websites. Writing white papers. Crafting feature stories. Ghostwriting and editing books. In the process, I’ve been engaged by every type of client from boutique graphic design firms and consumer and trade publications to Fortune 500 companies…and everything in between.

In 2009, I started blogging about the business side of freelancing at—because for me, understanding sales, marketing, and client relationships is an essential foundation for success as an independent contractor. A few years later, I published my first two books—The Science, Art and Voodoo of Freelance Pricing and Getting Paid, and Help! My Freelancers Are Driving Me Crazy—and have since published two more.

As a member of the NAIWE 2019 Board of Experts, I’m looking forward to hearing about *your* business and helping you achieve success!


Years of Experience



substantive editing, stylistic editing, structural editing, rewriting, research, proofreading, project editing, non-fiction-medical, non-fiction-business, non-fiction-all, newsletter editing, line editing, editorial consulting, developmental editing, copyediting