Company Name

English Majors Reviewers and Editors, LLC


English Majors Reviewers and Editors LLC matches client publishers and authors with readers who are especially talented at reviewing the specific genre under consideration. We don’t rely on reviews done by “John Q. Public.” People who want to buy a book want thorough and honest reviews and we provide this service.

English Majors Reviewers and Editors LLC also does editing jobs on a contract basis. If publishers and authors need their work gone over with an “English Major’s precision” then this service is for them.

English Majors Reviewers and Editors LLC uses a “sliding scale” to determine how much clients pay for book editing. Logically, if your book is grammatically free of most errors, then you may want content suggestions. However, if your book needs a thorough “book doctoring” then the price will appropriately increase.


Years of Experience



writing tutor, writing coach, website text editing, substantive editing, stylistic editing, structural editing, rewriting, research, reference checking, proofreading, project editing, non-fiction-all, newsletter editing, manuscript preparation, manuscript evaluation, line editing, fiction-all, editorial consulting, developmental editing, copyediting