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Janet V. Johnson


Janet V. Johnson is a licensed practical nurse with expertise in the areas of mental health, the prison population, alcohol and drug-dependent population, sub-acute rehabilitation, OB-Gyn, pediatrics, long term care, geriatric psychiatry, and the indigent population. Being in the nursing profession for 10 years, she has developed a deep understanding of various patient populations; the elderly, chronic pain, drug addction and mental health patients in particular, having worked in these areas extensively. She has received the BRAVO! Award for Health Care for her dedication to service towards the San Mateo, California community. She is also a staunch supporter of alternative drug modalities and non-chemical therapies.

As a nurse, Janet knows the burnout that affects many new nursing graduates and health workers and supports any and all means which aim to help manage work-related stress and to guide those who are stepping into the noble calling of health care.

A single parent, Janet has many ideas to make single parenthood more manageable and fun for both parents and children. Knowing the plight of many overseas workers separated from their families, she is also empathetic to the struggles and triumphs of many military households whose husbands and children are stationed in various countries.

An empath and great communicator, Janet is able to effectively translate the language of the heart into its visual form via the written word.

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rewriting, research, reference checking, proofreading, project editing, on-screen editing, non-fiction-scientific / technical, non-fiction-medical, non-fiction-business, non-fiction-academic, newsletter editing, fiction-all, fact checking, critique