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The environment, conservation and renewable energy sources are the subjects I’m studying and writing about. Caring about the state of the planet – and encouraging others to learn about and to care deeply about it too – is my mission as far as my freelance writing is concerned. However, up ’til now, for the past 14 years I’ve been writing articles on a huge variety of topics from (tourist) life on the Costa del Sol to celebrity bios to water on Mars.  It’s all interesting and fun, but not what I really want to say. So if you are involved with the Great Green Initiative to clean up before and after ourselves, please let me know and I’ll write about your projects or your problems and maybe help to further the projects and resolve the problems.


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writing tutor, substantive editing, rewriting, research, proofreading, non-fiction-business, non-fiction-biography / memoir, non-fiction-all, fiction-short, fiction-genre, fact checking, copyediting