Joshua Nye


Company Name

Self employed


I am an ACSM certified personal fitness trainer with over 10 years experience in the fitness industry both personal and occupational; however, my heart is in the written word. Today, I am looking to build my portfolio and demonstrate my skills as a contributing writer within the fields of health and fitness, dogs, and video games. My style is focused, clear, and to the point. I bring my love for critical thought to all I do, striving to penetrate the subjects deeply to provide the greatest value with my services.

My professional goal is for my writing to touch readers and improve their lives in any number of ways, to draw them in and ultimately bring about a smile. From offering advice for getting fit without a gym, training tips for your Doberman Pinscher, guides for your favorite console game, and anything in between – there is no difference to me, a smile, is a smile.

If you are seeking a dedicated contributor who strives to go above what is expected to exceed your needs, we should talk. Contact me at: