Kim Autrey


Company Name

Autrey Editing, LLC


Thirteen years of teaching college composition and communication has taught me a great deal. Every voice is important. Every voice is different. Every voice has its place. I love arranging words so they express what the author wants the voices to say. Allowing each voice to express itself but still combine cohesively with other voices to transform words into stories is what I do.

My background allows me a different perspective when I am editing. Copy editing and proofreading intermingle, while line editing and content editing sit on the sidelines, coaching and cheering.

I work mostly in fiction and creative fiction (fantasy, science fiction, mystery, and combinations), but I have worked with non-fiction (memoir, devotionals) and continue to build my experience in it.

If you are interested in my service, feel free to contact me through my website with any questions.


Years of Experience



proofreading, line editing, fiction-short, fiction-literary, fiction-juvenile, fiction-genre, fiction-all, copyediting