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Patterson Proofreading


Published editor of Andy Zelonis’s “Chrysalis Laboratory.”

I own my own business called Patterson Proofreading, and I have over five years of editing experience in multiple topics, from books to resumes to everything in between. I’ve also been a writer my entire life, and am looking for projects to challenge me and further my career and expertise between continuing school and writing my first book. I can also give solid critiques and helpful comments of anything thrown my way, and I consider it a personal strength to be able to help each individual writer find their own voice and learn how to use to it strengthen their story.

I can perfect your spelling, word choice, clarity and syntax while fixing any holes or confusion issues in the plot or argument as needed. I have both written and worked with published work (including the newspaper The Northern Light), and hope to find writers who I can help become published as well!

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writing tutor, writing coach, website text editing, substantive editing, stylistic editing, structural editing, rewriting, research, reference checking, proofreading, project editing, on-screen editing, non-fiction-scientific / technical, non-fiction-biography / memoir, newsletter editing, multimedia editing, layout, fiction-short, fiction-literary, fiction-genre, fiction-all, fact checking, editorial consulting, desktop publishing, critique, copyediting, academic evaluation