Maggie Finn O'Brien, DVM


Company Name

Independent Scientific Writer & Editor


I am a freelance technical writer & editor specializing in medicine, natural sciences, business, and regulation/policy.

I have 6 years’ experience as an accountant in the Higher Education field, and I am a licensed veterinarian with 8 years experience, including clinical practice, biomedical research, and regulatory medicine.

I have written, edited, and consulted on a variety of projects including:

* pet care articles for veterinary client newsletters
* client education handouts focusing on specific diseases (canine diabetes, feline hyperthyroidism)
* flow sheets guiding decision making in herd health investigations
* documentation interpreting sections of the Code of Federal Regulations for field staff
* fact sheets and PowerPoint presentations explaining layers of federal, state, and local regulations to livestock owners and 4H-ers
* data collection and reporting instruments, using Microsoft Excel
* FAQ pages explaining changes in financial aid disbursement to college students
* SOPs defining restrictions outlined in Ohio Revised Code with respect to state level sponsorship programs for textbooks and materials

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