Melissa Cooke


Company Name

MBR Consulting


Melissa Cooke is a classic Gemini. Although she is a talented and enthusiastic copywriter who loves to work for companies, Melissa also enjoys writing and editing fictional stories in her spare time. When Melissa does copywriting she showcases businesses pride in their craft and translates that into approachable and interesting text. She specializes in landing pages and press releases. On the other hand on full moons and Fridays, Melissa lets her creative streak fly. You can find her crafting tales of fiction. Melissa Cooke has a Bachelor’s Degree in English from Troy University and no she has no plans of becoming a teacher. But if you are looking for a former professor and you need grant writing services, Michael Cooke (another 1/3 of MBR Consulting) is talented, well-educated, and experienced.”


website text editing, substantive editing, stylistic editing, rewriting, proofreading, newsletter editing, multimedia editing, fiction-short, fact checking, editorial consulting, copyediting