Michael Huber


Company Name

Millionth Monkey, Inc.


Millionth Monkey, Inc., provides professional editing services for authors, publishers, scholars, corporations, small businesses, website designers, advertising agencies, public relations and marketing firms, nonprofits, attorneys, and anyone else who appreciates that when the stakes are high, the prose must be clear, clean and crisp. Millionth Monkey is owned and operated by Michael Huber, who has been a professional editor and writer since 1977. Michael has been on the staff of The Chicago Sun-Times, The (Louisville) Courier-Journal, and The Miami Herald. Michael also has extensive experience as an educator. He was a journalism professor at Florida International University and associate director of the Knight Project for Writing in Journalism. He is co-author (with Kevin Hall) of the college textbook Words Into Flesh: How to Think Like a Writer. Michael holds B.A. and M.A. degrees from Indiana University. He also is a licensed attorney and was a partner at a Miami law firm. He holds a J.D. degree (magna cum laude) from the University of Miami School of Law, where he served as Editor-in-Chief of The University of Miami Law Review. Michael has won a number of awards for his writing and editing. For more information, please visit


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writing tutor, writing coach, website text editing, substantive editing, stylistic editing, structural editing, rewriting, research, reference checking, proofreading, project editing, on-screen editing, non-fiction-scientific / technical, non-fiction-medical, non-fiction-business, non-fiction-biography / memoir, non-fiction-all, non-fiction-academic, newsletter editing, multimedia editing, manuscript preparation, manuscript evaluation, line editing, layout, fiction-short, fiction-screen-play, fiction-literary, fiction-juvenile, fiction-genre, fiction-all, fact checking, editorial consulting, developmental editing, desktop publishing, critique, copyediting