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In today’s world of self-publishing, readers have many choices as to how they spend their fiction dollars. A clean book is essential to repeat customers and good reviews. As a reader, I find that errors pull me from the wonderful world of fiction and bring me back to reality, which is highly distracting. That is the reason I am devoted to helping authors produce the best book possible.

My services include editing for content, style, grammar, spelling, plot inconsistencies, and research. My rate is $.004 per word with an additional $.002 per word if you wish to have a second review after making changes or additions..

I prefer working directly with authors and enjoy developing a working relationship with them, so that we each know what to expect from the other.

I guarantee my work. If you are not satisfied, you owe me nothing. I strive to give you a finished product of which you can be proud.


“Rose Marie catches mistakes missed by the closest eye. She offers great suggestions and alternatives and pays attention to plot details. I completely trust her for a thorough read-through and complete copy edits!”
Renee Rose, USA Today Best Selling Author

“I was lucky enough to get a word-of-mouth introduction to Flawless Fiction just as I was getting ready to publish my first novel. I don’t know for sure, but I suspect first-timer authors can be a little difficult to work with. I was so scared, and I agonized over everything. Rose was absolutely wonderful. She oh-so-patiently answered all of my questions—thoughtfully and thoroughly. In fact, I now keep some of her words of wisdom scribbled on a piece of paper next to me when I write. I always knew if I was confused or needed help with something, she would respond quickly and without making me feel silly for asking. All of her edits were spot on and she went above and beyond a standard proofing service. Stars would not be Stars if Rose had not given me plenty of fat to chew through the entire process. I cannot recommend her services highly enough.”
Winter Reid, New Author

“Rose is professional, easy to work with and fast! Delivered my edits earlier than promised and did a thorough job!”
Natasha Knight, USA Today Award Winning Author

“Thanks a lot for your edits. I found them very useful and have been
incorporating the changes. They’re so detailed, and I see you picked up on stuff I missed.”
Vidya Samson, Young Adult Author

“I am delighted to recommend Rose Lipscomb’s editing services. She came highly recommended from another Amazon self-publishing author who is a rigorous perfectionist in their own right. I contacted Rose to copy edit and proof read one of my books. Her response came within the hour and even though she was busy with other jobs, she worked with me to help me meet my deadline during a holiday! Since this was my first time to work with an editor, I was naturally nervous, but she was extremely efficient, helpful, and I found her editing to be over and above anything I had hoped for. Currently, she is editing my next book, which gives me a great peace of mind.” Sigrid Vansandt

“Rose is a pleasure to work with. She provided efficient and thorough edits including pointing out content issues such as plot holes, dropped threads, and inconsistent concepts. We worked through multiple rounds of edits and discussed issues as needed. I would gladly work with her in the future and plan to use her editing services again in the future.”
Dara Young/Sorcha Mowbray

“Rose Marie edited my recent entry into the Heart of Denver Romance Writer’s Molly contest [An international competition]. Because of her help my entry, Oubliette, won two awards – the 2013 First Place Winner for Historical Romance and the 2013 Heart of the Molly award [The overall award]. She gives professional advice that is honest and insightful, yet encouraging. She will be my go-to gal for all my future editing needs! I highly recommend her.” Roxanne Kean

“Wow! I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done. I had no idea there were so many errors in the collection. My final proofer, is blown away also, and after looking at your list, spent a long time saying things like, “I can’t believe I missed that!” and “I’m so embarrassed!” . We’re both thrilled with what you’ve so kindly done.” Deena Ward/Anwen Stiles

“You are amazing!!! Thank you SO much. I’ll tackle these in the next week or so and make the changes so I can upload a new, shiny version. I feel like I hit the jackpot with you, I can’t thank you enough and am genuinely touched that you went through all this effort just for me.” Delilah Marvelle

“Wow, I’m impressed. You caught a lot of errors. You’re very thorough with your work. Thank you so much for editing/proofreading my book. I really appreciate your help. I’d like you to edit the rest of the Pleasure Extraordinaire series.”
Liv Bennett

“I just made the last of the corrections. Oh my word. You are awesome and I feel completely embarrassed about some of the things you caught. I swear, I did edit it before I sent it to you. lol. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much! I personally requested you read [edit]my book. It was one of my conditions to publishing through [this publisher]. You catch things that other editors missed.”
Maren Smith

“Rose did an excellent job. She didn’t try to change my voice or writing style but yet she caught issues which needed to be corrected, and questioned logistical aspects of the story so that I knew I had to add in details for the readers. She struck a fantastic balance between knowing when to trust the writer and knowing when to offer advice.” Ella Appollodorus

BS in Marketing Northeast Louisiana State College

20 years as a mid-level manager at Bell South, including project management of IT projects
2 years retail jewelry storeowner and manager
20 years co-owner of wholesale jewelry supply business
5 years Arabian horse breeder
7 years editing

NAIWE (National Association of Independent Writers & Editors)
ACES (American Copy Editors’ Society)
EFA (Editorial Freelancers’ Association)

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