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Writers or Editors Groups and Organizations- Offer dues discount through the NAIWE Partner Program

Would You Like to Be a NAIWE Partner?

It takes only a few minutes....

NAIWE: The professional association with the business-building difference.

We're inviting relevant, compatible groups to partner with us so that our members can receive reciprocal discounts on membership. We offer the members of our partner organization a $20 discount on NAIWE annual dues for as long as they remain a member of the partner group.

Exactly who is invited to join?

We'd like to partner with groups, associations, and organizations for writers, editors, indexers, publishers, speakers, entrepreneurs, and others who serve those industries.* Our members are diverse and multi-talented, and many hold memberships in several industry-specific groups. We want to make it even easier for our members to afford professional dues, and we believe the Partner Program is an ideal way to accomplish that.

Our ultimate goal is to help freelance writers and editors make more money, and we believe that working cooperatively with others in our industry is a way to meet that goal. The benefits we offer--professional credibility, a free website, training and support in marketing and client attraction, a strong Board of Experts, discounts on certifications, tech support and more-- complement benefits offered by other groups. Together, we can help our mutual members move forward!

How It Works

If you represent a group that would like to join our Partner Program, please fill out the application below. The group's name, linked URL, and the discount you offer to NAIWE members will be displayed on our Partner Page, which is located on a public page of the NAIWE site. We require that partners display similar information for NAIWE on a public page of their association website as well. The discount link or coupon code you provide for claiming your discount will be located inside the member area, ensuring its security. When we receive your application, we will supply you with a link that your members may use to claim their $20 discount on NAIWE dues.

If you belong to a group that hasn't yet become a partner, please forward a link to this invitation to a qualified representative of your group or association and ask them to join the partner program.

It takes only a few minutes-- become a partner today!

Application for Partner Program

(writers, editors, entrepreneurs, etc.)

Discount code or link: Please enter a link OR coupon code which will give our members access to the discount. This will be posted inside the NAIWE member area, for members only.

Contact Information (This information is for administrative purposes, and is not posted on the site.)

*The fine print: We reserve the right to decline applications that are inappropriate for our targeted audience.