Board of Experts

Nina Amir: The Blog-to-Book Expert

Nina Amir, Blog to Book Expert at NAIWENina Amir, Inspiration-to-Creation Coach, inspires people to combine their purpose and passion so they Achieve More Inspired Results. She motivates both writers and non-writers to create publishable and published products, to craft careers as authors and to achieve goals and fulfill their purpose. She blogged her book, How to Blog a Book, Write, Publish and Promote Your Work One Post at a Time (Writer’s Digest Books), in five months.

Find out more about her, the products and services she offers and her blogs at You can sign up for a free book, author or blog-to-book coaching session or receive her FREE 5-Day Published Author Training Series by visiting

Peter Bowerman: The Well-Fed Freelancing Expert

Peter Bowerman

Peter Bowerman, a veteran commercial writer, is the self-published author of the three award-winning Well-Fed Writer titles (, how-to “standards” on lucrative “commercial” freelancing – writing for businesses for $50-125+ an hour. He chronicled his self-publishing success in the award-winning 2007 release, The Well-Fed Self-Publisher: How to Turn One Book into a Full-Time Living, and its newly released 2014 updated edition.

He’s had 300+ articles published, speaks regularly on writing and publishing, and is a professional coach for commercial freelancing and self-publishing ventures. Check out his book titling service at

April Michelle Davis: The Social Media Marketing Expert

April Michelle Davis, Social Media Marketing Expert for NAIWE

April Michelle Davis, founder of Editorial Inspirations, has strategically built a solid editing, indexing, and proofreading business by integrating Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other forms of social media as part of a cohesive marketing process. Because of her social media expertise, she was able to craft a successful launch for her first book, A Guide for the Freelance Indexer, with only online promotion.

April Michelle is active in her local writer’s community, and offers in-person and correspondence courses for editing and indexing. Through the use of her website, blog, and social media, she has optimized her web presence for “april michelle davis” and the search string “editor indexer, with the result that her links appear on the first page of a Google search for those terms. She looks forward to sharing her knowledge with NAIWE members.

Brian Schwartz: The Kindle Expert

Brian Schwartz: The Kindle Expert at NAIWE

Authorpreneur Brian Schwartz is the creator of the award winning 50 Interviews series and has published 20 titles in the last two years. Driven by a need to provide his authors access to the digital book market, he launched in 2010 to provide digital conversion and sales optimization services for other authors and publishers.

Bryan’s title of “Authorpreneur” encompasses the roles he fills as CEO, author, speaker, trainer, publisher, and consultant. He is currently President of the Colorado Independent Publishers Association–a 20-year-old association, and the first of its kind dedicated to self-publishers. He has been featured on NBC & CBS, in the Denver Business Journal, and is the author of a monthly column for the Northern Colorado Business Report highlighting innovation and entrepreneurship throughout Colorado.

Carol Tice: The Blogging Expert

Carol Tice is a longtime journalist and freelance writer with a passion for helping other writers grow their income. Her blog about the business of writing, Make a Living Writing, was recently named one of the Top 10 Blogs for Writers. Her blogging credits include Copyblogger, Entrepreneur magazine, CBS Interactive and many others. Subscribers to her blog receive the free report, 40 Ways to Market Your Writing. Her recently released eBook is Make a Living Writing: The 21st Century Guide.

Claudia Suzanne: The Ghostwriting Expert

Claudia Suzanne-The Ghostwriting ExpertClaudia Suzanne, a ghostwriting expert and recognized book-industry authority, has ghosted and edited over 100 titles, including nonfiction bestsellers, award-winning novels, and celebrated business titles.

Her own critically acclaimed This Business of Books: A Complete Overview of the Industry from Concept Through Sales, used by college and university instructors across the country and around the world, has been deemed a “standard of the industry” by librarians at Harvard, Northwestern, Loyola Marymount, Boston and Chicago Public Libraries, Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Alexandria, Egypt, and Australia’s Murdoch University Library, to name but a few.

Secrets of a Ghostwriter, Suzanne’s definitive book on the skills, theory, and politics of ghostwriting, is used in her Ghostwriter Certification Training course, currently the only program that certifies ghostwriters. Through her books, teaching, and mentoring, Claudia has launched or expanded dozens of ghostwriting and book-industry careers.

Claudia has perfected the art of “slinky flow” information, tight editing, and author satisfaction. College professors, agents, publishers, and readers have so often used the same phrase to describe Ms. Suzanne’s manuscripts and books, regardless of subject matter, that she has been dubbed the quintessential connoisseur of “The quick and easy read.”

Mary Jo Tate: The “Tell Me Your Book” Expert

Mary Jo Tate-The Tell Me Your Book ExpertMary Jo received her B.A. in English and philosophy from the University of Mississippi and an M.A. in English from the University of South Carolina., as well as many seminars on writing, publishing, and marketing. Her publications includeCritical Companion to F. Scott Fitzgerald: A Literary Reference to His Life and Work (Facts on File, 2007; revised and expanded edition of F. Scott Fitzgerald A to Z, 1998); articles on F. Scott Fitzgerald, Eudora Welty, William Faulkner, bibliophilia, writing, homeschooling, and single parenting; and home study courses on getting started as a freelance editor and balancing family and home business.

Mary Jo’s first professional experience was editing doctoral dissertations for international seminary students. In graduate school, she was blessed to be mentored by a great editor and leading Fitzgerald scholar, Matthew J. Bruccoli, with whom she worked on the Cambridge University Press edition of The Great Gatsby.

She has also served as Copy Editor for Homeschooling Today magazine and Managing Editor for Family Reformation magazine. Her book editing and indexing clients include the University of South Carolina Press, University Press of Mississippi, Carroll and Graf, Trivium Pursuit, Apologia Educational Ministries, Morgan James Publishing, and Facts on File.

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