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If you’re serious about your career, committed to being the best writer or editor you can be, and you’re moving steadily toward your goals, you are an ideal candidate for NAIWE membership. The primary focus of NAIWE is to provide a simple, ready-to-use website and to support you as you develop the online and marketing components of your career, but we offer some other nifty benefits as well. We hope you will explore further and  join NAIWE today!


*We know that you join because of who you are,
rather than what you get,
but it’s nice to know exactly how you can benefit from your membership.

Benefit: Easy-to-Use Website for your Business

NAIWE member website screenshotYour own easy-to-use WordPress-blog-based web site! If you can type an e-mail, you can write and edit on your very own member website.

You have probably read about how a strong presence on the web can build your writing or service career, but you may not have wanted to spend a lot of time and money creating a website from the ground up. Now, when you join NAIWE, you will get the professionally-designed web site you’ve wanted. Adding content to your site is as easy as typing an e-mail, and we provide simple instructions that will get you started. You can look at our Member Activity Feed to see what other members are doing with their member sites.

SEO Tip: If you already have a business website, your NAIWE site can link directly to it, providing a quality incoming link that will boost your site’s position in the search engine rankings.

Your NAIWE site, with the memorable web address of, includes:

  • Home page where you can introduce your books or services
  • Portfolio pages, for reviews, testimonials, references, and samples (whatever you’d like to include)
  • Professional profile page, including education, experience, publication history, and more
  • The ability to add more pages as needed
  • A blog where you can reach out to readers and potential clients with articles, tips, news, resources, and more

House of Design NAIWE Benefit

Partner Benefit: House of Design Web Services Discount

Shaila Abdullah has over a decade of experience designing websites for authors. Being an award-winning author herself, she understands the industry, and will provide you with a content management website that reflects your unique style, genre, and personality. Other design services such as book covers and interiors, marketing materials, and email campaigns (e-newsletters, announcements, etc.) also available.
Check the website at for samples. Email or call 512-924-7674.

Log in and visit the Member Area of the website to get the discount code.

Partner Benefit: Access to The Vocabula Review

The Vocabula ReviewNAIWE members may register for 12 months free access to The Vocabula Review and all the Vocabula archives. If you’re familiar with The Vocabula Review, you know that this is a delightful benefit. If you’re not familiar with the publication, here’s a brief description: “The Vocabula Review strives to combat the degradation of our language. Equally important, we celebrate its opulence and its elegance. The English language is wonderfully expressive and infinitely flexible. In sum, The Vocabula Review battles nonstandard, careless English and embraces clear, expressive English. We hope we can encourage our readers to do as much.” (Regular subscription cost is $40 per year).

Partner Benefit: Discount on PerfectIt Software

PerfectIt software for writers and editorsPerfectIt 2 is an add-in for MS Word that is designed for writing and editing professionals. It quickly scans for consistency, abbreviation definitions, capitalization and other errors that even the most eagle-eyed editor will find difficult to locate. It saves time checking for small mistakes so that you can focus on what matters: your words and their meaning.

NAIWE has teamed up with Intelligent Editing to offer all members a 15% discount on PerfectIt. You’ll find the link and code in the Member area.

Partner Benefit: Free Tax Information Service

You will have access to a Certified Public Accountant specializing in small busines issues. Carol Topp, CPA, has agreed to provide free tax information and responses to individual questions concerning tax issues for NAIWE members.* You’ll find contact information for our designated CPA in the member area of the site.
*Availabililty of tax information services and CPA responses, without more, do not constitute legal or financial representation of NAIWE members, either by NAIWE or affiliated professionals.

Partner Benefit: Free Legal Information Service

You will have access to a law firm which has agreed to provide free, industry-related legal information and responses to individual questions concerning business law, intellectual property (including without limitation copyright and trademark issues), and business or publishing contracts.* You’ll find contact information for our designated attorney in the member area of the site.
*Availabililty of legal information services and attorney responses, without more, do not constitute legal representation of NAIWE members, either by NAIWE or affiliated attorneys.

Benefit: Get Found in the Searchable Database

If your website has been lost in the internet jungle, it won’t be any longer. NAIWE members are all listed in NAIWE’s free searchable database! Instead of just hoping for traffic, you can have the confidence that anyone searching for your books or services can more easily find your website. You’ll be able to communicate easily with readers and potential clients through the information on your NAIWE site.

Benefit: Member Resource Library

The Resource Library provides articles and links to help your skills and and your business grow faster than ever before. Topics include:

  • What to charge
  • Why you need a marketing plan
  • Power proofreading
  • Low-cost marketing ideas that can build your business
  • How to work with editors
  • Why you may want to work with a business coach
  • And many more!

Benefit: Expert Teleclasses

During teleclass season, we feature a member of the NAIWE Board of Experts or a guest who teaches an online teleclass on a topic that is designed to help you grow in your field. Our Experts and guest are successful full-time writers and editors, and they impart a lot of wisdom in an hour (or sometimes more). Teleclasses are archived in the Member Area for member convenience.

You may register for individual teleclasses at $27 each, but members not only attend free, but they also have access to an archive of up to twelve past teleclasses in the private member area. Just attending teleclasses without joining the association would add up to $324 for a year, so this is a benefit of great value.

Benefit: Quick Start Guide

You’ll want to start with Make the Most of Your Membership: A Quick-Start Guide to NAIWEThis handy one-page guide provides a brief overview of the benefits you receive, along with step-by-step instructions for accessing everything. You’ll be off and running in no time!

Benefit: Featured Member PR Opportunity

The opportunity to be a featured member on the NewsWire blog and in the monthly newsletter. This benefit has great PR potential, as you can post the recording of your interview on your own site, and it will be archived on The Freelance Life site for as long as you remain a member of NAIWE. Each interview will provide an opportunity for you to share your story with readers or potential clients, and network with other members. Here are sample interviews for a writer and an editor (they will open in new windows or tabs). This is the kind of positive press that can build your career!

Benefit: NAIWE Resource Rolodex

NAIWE Rolodex– A short, handy guide to good online and offline information resources for writers and editors. You’ll have quick access to:

Professional Development Resources
  • Up-to-date style guides
  • Checklists for editing
  • Fact-checking sites and resources
Business-Building Information
  • Trusted sources for business start-up assistance
  • Relevant industry information
  • And more!

Benefit: Members are Affiliates and Can Earn Referral Bonuses

Because your professional affiliations are part of your résumé, we provide a “Member of NAIWE” badge image you can add to your social media profiles or other websites you own. As an incentive, if someone clicks on the link from your page and joins the association, you earn 15% of their dues payment. It’s just our way of saying, “Thank you for posting your NAIWE affiliation.”

Benefit: Your blog posts promoted in the NAIWE Activity Feed and the NAIWENews Twitter account; Selected posts promoted in “The Edge”

When you post on your NAIWE member site, your posts will work extra hard to bring you traffic by appearing in our Member Activity Feed. From there, your post can be promoted by NAIWE’s Virtual Assistant on our Twitter account. Additionally, your posts have a chance of being promoted in “The Edge: Success Strategies for People Who Work With Words” e-newsletter, which has a subscriber list of over 2600 as of February 2014. Both members and prospective clients can subscribe to “The Edge,” so the articles you submit become one more way to introduce yourself to fellow members and promote your books and services.

Benefit: Network with other members through your NAIWE blog

Be a part of the NAIWE community network by contributing to your NAIWE blog. Every time you post to your own member site or comment on someone else’s post, your post will be automatically listed in the Member Activity feed. This page is one of the most popular pages on the NAIWE site, because it’s here that members can get acquainted and learn from one another. You can share news about business breakthroughs, new books published, speaking engagements, and other things relevant to the NAIWE community.

Benefit: Social Media Marketing

The posts you share on your member website and blog are eligible to be promoted via our NAIWENews account on Twitter. We scan the Member Activity feed each week and tweet many post titles and links in the NAIWENews stream in order to increase your readership. We also watch for member tweets that are tagged with the #NAIWE hashtag so we can retweet for you.

NOTE: We’re always open to new member benefits, so if your company would be interested in partnering with NAIWE, please contact us to discuss your offer.


Membership dues: $99 per year*


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