2019 Conference

Thank you for attending the 2019 Be a Better Freelancer: Gateway to Success conference that was held October 11–13 at the Chase-Park Plaza Hotel in St. Louis, Missouri.

Your attendance at this conference adds value to your self worth as well as to your fellow colleagues, and to the success and continuance of the conference.

We hope as you reflect on the session topics, material handouts, instructors, and other attendees that you will find that the conference opened doors that you may not have had the opportunity to have anywhere else and surely not within an atmosphere so inviting to freelancers in the editorial world.

We look forward to staying connected through social media, newsletters, and NAIWE membership. We want to continue building on this new network of opportunities that were discovered through the conference, and we want to help you carry them forward and raise them to new heights in your own work space.

We are here to help you be a better freelancer after the conference and we get excited from sharing in your successes.

Looking forward to seeing you again at the 2020 Be a Better Freelancer conference.

To help us celebrate the 2019 conference, we have created a video for your viewing pleasure.

Below are some testimonials from the 2019 conference.

This conference is the ultimate place for networking. I’ve attended other much larger conferences, but I feel I have gained so much more by attending this one simply due to being able to closely connect with literally everyone there. I made friends and connections that I never would have made at larger conferences. Will definitely make the trip again!

—Amanda Berthault

Attending the Be a Better Freelance Conference provided me with the ideal opportunity to meet industry leaders and hear them speak on relevant topics. The size of the conference is perfect for making solid connections and talking to experts you would normally not get to interact with much at a larger conference. It was a valuable and enlightening experience I wouldn’t trade for anything.

—Janet Cowden

I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to meet the speakers in person (I’ve long followed many of them online from my little hut in California) and to become acquainted with other attendees. The smallish scale of the conference was conducive to forming new bonds, and, in all honesty, I was relieved not to have had to deploy my “elevator speech.”

—Marilyn Schwartz

Participants came from a variety of backgrounds and experience levels, which made for interesting conversations over meals and between sessions.