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NEW in 2019

January 24, 2019
Time: 3:00 pm Eastern

Upgrade Your Writing Career
with Claudia Suzanne, NAIWE’s Ghostwriting Expert

NAIWE Members: $10
Non-Members: $30

To register, please send an email to along with your name, email address, and telephone number. You will receive an invoice for payment.

This webinar is a one-hour overview of the most exciting, lucrative, and eminently viable career path for experienced and professional writers, journalists, and editors in today’s literary landscape

Claudia Suzanne, The Ghostwriting Expert

  1. History of ghostwriting
    a. Public literacy less than 200 years old
    b. Great ideas and stories more often told than written
    c. Scribes and editors
    d. Publisher editors applied “ghostwriting” skills to produce quality titles
    e. Service elite nonwriter celebs, doctors, thought leaders
  2. Ghostwriting today
    a. Replace publisher editors
    b. Service beyond the elite
    c. Fulfill literary dreams
    d. Mentor new writers
  3. Why use a ghostwriter
    a. Expand market potential
    b. Accentuate strengths
    c. Diminish/eliminate weaknesses
    d. Refute potential objections
    e. Improve readability
  4. Why be a ghostwriter
    a. Most lucrative 21st-century writing career
    b. Recession-proof
    c. Apex of all writing/editing skill sets
    d. Professional career vs. freelance endeavor
  5. Ghostwriting expertise
    a. MS Word coding/decoding
    b. Chicago Manual of Style (with industry exceptions)
    c. Creative interviewing
    d. Creative analysis
    e. BISAC Subject Headings
    f. Nonfiction structure (chart, thesis, slinky flow, chart > outline > breaks)
    g. Nonfiction templates/chapter framework
    h. Industry pitch lines
    i. Fiction structure (plot/character integration, PMA)
    j. VPI maintenance (tells, tone, flavor)
    k. Fiction structure/chapter framework
    l. Musical line editing
    m. Book proposals
    n. Synopses
    o. Bestseller strategy plans
    p. Analytical creativity
    q. Analysis & Recommendations
    r. Business (tools, positioning, launch)
  6. Paths to ghostwriting
    a. Trial and error
    b. Find a mentor
    c. Ghostwriting Professional Designation Program (GPDP)
  7. Ghostwriting Professional Designation Program
    a. 2018 Outstanding Noncredit Program Award
    b. Deemed “Premiere CCPE Program”
    c. Introduction to Ghostwriting (6 weeks)
    d. GPDP (10.5 months)
    e. Asynchronous with weekly live sessions (recorded)
    f. In-depth assignment feedback
    g. Readily available individual help
    h. Post-grad apprenticeship program
    i. Professional certification signed by CSULB Dean
    j. Coming soon: CSULB digital badges