Get Paid to Write: Getting Started as a Freelance Writer
Author: Ruth Thaler-Carter Category: Networking Expert Publisher: A Flair for Writing ISBN:

Longtime freelance writer/editor; NAIWE Networking member of the Board of Experts; and creator of the Communication Central/NAIWE/AAE “Be a Better Freelancer”® conference, provides succinct, practical and effective strategies for launching, managing, and expanding a career as a freelance writer.

As colleagues say: “Ruth has ‘been there and done that.’ She knows everything there is to know about being a freelance writer, and she’s very generous with insights, humor and much-appreciated nuts-and-bolts advice for freelancers of all stripes”; “I thought this booklet was great! It was really nice to see all this good advice put down in writing in one place”; “If you’re interested in or new to freelancing, Ruth is a great source of information and experience”; “Ruth has offered pearls of wisdom about how to get more writing work … [her] advice has been right on the money”; “… all newbies: get, read and believe Get Paid to Write! Getting Started as a Freelance Writer, which is an invaluable and amazing distillation of the essentials of making writing and editing a ‘doable’ occupation. Ruth can — and does — write on anything, and shares her experience and insights with us in many ways, including this booklet.”

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