Remote Work for Military Spouses: Find and Grow Your Meaningful Mobile Career
Author: Laura Briggs Category: Business of Writing Expert Publisher: Elva Resa ISBN: 978-1934617656 Buy Now

If you are a military spouse considering remote work, this practical guide is for you! You’ll find strategies and advice to help you define your remote work goals, land the right job, handle stress, and grow your career!

While there are many rewards in military life, maintaining meaningful employment can be challenging when you’re constantly relocating for your service member’s next assignment. Military spouses often experience interruptions in valuable work experience, missed advancement opportunities, state-to-state re-certifications, and what seems like a never-ending job search. Remote work has many benefits for military spouses and employers!

In Remote Work for Military Spouses, military spouse author Laura Briggs offers a road map for military spouses looking for career continuity, financial stability, and fulfilling work amidst a mobile military lifestyle.

Strategies and tips in this ultimate guide include:

  • Deciding if remote work is the right fit
  • How and where to search for remote positions
  • Adjusting application materials to reframe resume gaps and military affiliation
  • Preparing for remote
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