The Senior Sleuths Mysteries: Dead In Seat 4-A
Author: Marcia Rosen Category: Marketing Expert Publisher: Level Best Books ISBN: 978-1947915084 Buy Now

Why was the man in seat 4-A murdered? The Las Vegas sheriff is not happy to have Dick and Dora back in town, especially since they arrived on a plane with a dead body. When the senior sleuthing couple is around, trouble is not far behind. When Dora is kidnapped and taken to The Mob Museum along with Zero’s new girlfriend, who he only just met on an online gambling site, Dick and his cohorts embark on a frantic journey to get them back. Along the way they meet a dangerous cast of characters ranging from cheats and embezzlers to cold blooded killers. For Dick and Dora, the race is on to catch a murderer before someone else becomes a victim. Like Nick and Nora Charles from The Thin Man series, Dick and Dora Zimmerman from The Senior Sleuth Mysteries make it their business to solve crimes along with friends like Zero the Bookie and Frankie Socks, fresh out of the Witness Protection Program.

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