The Six-Figure Freelancer: Your Roadmap to Success in the Gig Economy
Author: Laura Pennington Briggs Category: Business of Writing Expert Publisher: Entrepreneur Press ISBN: 978-1642011166 Buy Now

Are you a self-employed service provider looking to build a bulletproof business? Struggling to develop a strong, consistent client-base? Do you want to take your independent career to the next level, but don’t know how? Writer, coach, and public speaker Laura Briggs has helped thousands of enthusiastic entrepreneurs find the liberating freedom and flexibility of the contractor model. And now she’s here to share her battle-tested guide from working with companies like Microsoft and Business Insider to help you scale your enterprise and soar to new financial heights.

Six Figure Freelancer: Your Roadmap to Success in the Gig Economy is a tactical approach to smoothing out your ups and downs and connecting with customers, so you can see substantial and predictable growth. Drawing on Briggs’s depth of experience and that of nineteen other freelancers, you’ll craft a series of actionable steps and shift your mindset to ride the steady road to cash. Armed with these professional tips and tricks, you’ll be filled with confidence and soon be carving out a profitable, watertight venture.

In Six Figure Freelancer, you’ll discover:

  • Strategies for reaching out to your ideal high-value buyers and developing relationships designed to help you hit those $100k+ milestones
  • Effective methods for structuring the workday, so your work-from-home schedule generates an efficient money machine
  • When, where, and why a virtual assistant could be the perfect solution for maximizing your time to focus on filling your pipeline
  • How to raise your rates while holding onto clients to make sure your efforts are compensated handsomely
  • Common pitfalls to avoid, downloadable cheat sheets, helpful exercises, and much, much more!

Six Figure Freelancer: Your Roadmap to Success in the Gig Economy is a street-smart workbook packed with insights into smashing through those dollar barriers. If you like no-nonsense ground-level advice, freeing your wallet from the whims of clients, and securing your sustainable future, then you’ll love Laura Briggs’s revenue-focused resource.

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