The Smooth-Sailing Freelancer: How To Find, Sell, and Retain More Freelance Business
Author: Jake Poinier Category: Freelance Expert Publisher: More Cowbell Books ISBN: B011AB88HE Buy Now

The newest Dr. Freelance Guide offers strategies for increasing the quality and quantity of your freelance jobs as a writer, editor, graphic designer, web designer, or any other type of entrepreneur in a creative field. Topics include:

  • How and where to find your ideal clients—without wasting your time on low-paying or low-odds gigs
  • 7 no-pressure sales tactics to get potential clients to sign on the dotted line
  • How to retain loyal customers and turn them into an ongoing referral stream

The Smooth-Sailing Freelancer provides practical, easy-to-implement advice for beginning and intermediate freelancers, as well as veterans who want to do a better job of navigating the freelance waters.

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