The Terror at Miskatonic Falls
Author: Category: Paranormal Writing Expert Publisher: Cemetery Dance Publications ISBN: B0CGFVSF6M Buy Now

This January, winter has fallen hard on the small Massachusetts town of Miskatonic Falls. The icy wind has brought more than ice and snow, however. It has brought something ancient, alien, and evil. As the temperatures drop and the snow drifts build, a creeping horror crawls over the town and its inhabitants, pulsing an insistent mantra into their slowly unraveling minds: The Long Man Cometh.

When the end comes, it does so swiftly, silently, and goes unnoticed.

Until a lone state trooper is sent to investigate a strange phone call from somewhere in the small town. When he reaches Miskatonic Falls, however, he finds no people. No answers.

No hope.

Nothing, except dozens of scrawled, carved, and painted verse, scattered everywhere: In homes, churches, carved on trees and telephones poles, in diaries, and on the hoods of abandoned cars.. Leading not only to an old manor on a hill overlooking the town – but also, perhaps, madness.

Over 30 contributors unveil an intimate look at the last surviving moments of a town gone mad, revealed through a bloody trail of scraps of verse. Read at your risk, dear traveller…

Because the Long Man is coming.

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