Vinyl Cuts
Author: Pamela Kinney Category: Paranormal Writing Expert Publisher: Scary Dairy Press LLC ISBN: B0CTGLZCKP Buy Now

Drop the needle and tune yourself to these classic Vinyl Cuts.
Would you sell your soul for a lifetime of fame in Rock n’ Roll? Meet the possessed, the frightening fae and the shattered souls of the sacrificed. Encounter the women ready to rage after misogynistic abuse! And let’s not forget the tortured terrors found slithering on the dark side of B.

Section 1: Your Time is Gonna Come
Welcome to the first installment of Vinyl Cuts. A chilling set. Ten tales of vengeance and horror! Let these grooves school you. Do someone dirty, and you’ll get the dirt back.

Section 2: You Wanted Everything
Tonight’s set of four tales will rearrange your mind! The consequences of riffing on the dark side are closer than they appear.

Section 3: Hell is for Children
The third installment of Vinyl Cuts is where records bleed. If you think your family is hell, check out these eight stories. Black cats and spiders will be welcome friends when we’re done.

Section 4: Sick Things
The penultimate collection is spattered here for the brave devotee of Vinyl Cuts.
Coming at you with nine twisted tales that make dancing with a duke a scream in the ballroom! Will you survive?

Section 5: B Sides
We couldn’t release you without exposure to our B-side tracks. Three final stories are amped up to terrify you to the end. Got time to kill?

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