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    Karen Cioffi Professional Writing Services for Businesses and Individualshttp://karencioffifreelancewriter.com
    In addition to her freelance and ghostwriting services, Karen now offers article writing training (at ArticleWritingDoctor.com) to small businesses and solopreneurs - this is a valuable tool and cost efficient for those who would prefer ...
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    Tiffany Wynnewww.tiffanywynne.naiwe.com
    My name is Tiffany Wynne, I am a freelance writer and a work-at-home mom of two beautiful children. I have been writing freelance for the past year and I love every mintue of it. I specializ in writing about parenting, beauty, DIY, and ...
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    Words Are My Lifehttp://wordsrmylife.com/
    Are you overwhelmed by all the writing that a small business requires? Press releases, web content, slogans, social media... it never ends. But wait - there's help on the way! I specialize in providing all the writing that a small business ...
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    Moore Consulting Serviceshttp://cmoorewriter.com
    Specializing in B2B content marketing, custom content, web marketing, case studies and white papers. My niche market is Education Technology but I often work with companies in other industries including: real estate, personal finance, and ...
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    Janice Barretthttp://JaniceBarrett.naiwe.com
    My business is, simply, writing for any genre, niche, or purpose. I have written short stories, essays, articles, business briefs, marketing material such as radio and newspaper ads, professional correspondence, legal briefs, medical ...